About Us

Welcome to Mosaic Pop Art. As a costume maker, fashion designer, illustrator, and painter, I wanted to combine all of my artistic talents with my love of art & pop culture to create my own art and design business.

With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down the live theater industry indefinitely, I found myself out of steady work, on unemployment, and in need of another way to monetize my art. To keep my sanity during quarantine, as well as fulfill a need to create art while quarantined, I began painting acrylic self portraits of myself. When I ran out of canvas for painting, I turned to creating digital art illustrations and immediately fell in love, and that is how my baby MosaicPopArt was born!

My digital illustrations have allowed me to streamline my art into a scalable business, and provide high quality prints, and enjoyable art merchandise at affordable prices.

I am extremely flattered by customers who love my art, and I am forever appreciative of you all. Thank you all so much! To stay informed of all shop related news,  art shows, new product releases, and sales, subscribe to Mosaic Pop Art’s newsletter and follow on social media. 

Cheers 🥂,
Mosaic Pop Art